Diving Places and Pricelist

Find below, the list of the diving shops I have used (or not) in the places I have visited.

      Isla Mujeres
      Playa del Carmen
      Tobacco Caye
      Caye Caulker
      Glovers Reef
    I have been recommended



They are everywhere. I did my Open Water Course there. Nice people and great diving even at Los Arcos !
Main shop at:
772 Diaz Ordaz (on the Malecón).
Tel: 222.1875 or 222.1895
Web site: www.chicos-diveshop.com
E-mail: staff@chicos-diveshop.com
Open Water Course promo $2278 cash $3289 card


Underworld Scuba Diving Academy
Plaza Pacífico
Tel: 333.0642 Cel: 044.314.358.5042 Fax: 333.3678
Web site: www.gomanzanillo.com
E-mail: scuba@gomanzanillo.com
Nice people and nice diving: with a ship wreck just off the beach !


Carlos scuba
Playa Las Gatas
E-mail: zih@carloscuba.com
Tel: (755) 554.6003 Cel: (755) 557.9766
Includes all equipment
Open Water course $400
Open Water Advanced $275
Dive 2 tanks $75
Night Dive (including lamp) $60


Best dive: Palancar
Dive Paradise publish a fanzine with info on the island life and more importantely the dives (plus their price list). Pick up one for free at their shops.
The shops:
web site: www.bluebubble.com
Open Water course $320
Open Water Advanced $225
2 tanks Dive$61
plus equipment $12
Night Dive $40
Caribean divers
Sympa et on peut avoir de bonnes réducs
Dive Paradise
web site: info@diveparadise.com
Open Water course $ 310
Open Water Advanced $194
2 tanks Dive$58
plus equipment $15
Night Dive $33
El Pulpo
with Alberto Angulo Sauri
Tel: (987) 872.6384 Cel: (987) 100.5434
Web site: pulpodiveshop@prodigy.net.mx
All included
2 tanks Dive$70
Night Dive $40

Isla Mujeres

Coral shop
Matamoros #13 (& Av. Rueda Medina)
Web site: www.coralscubadivecenter.com They have two shops in town.
Nice wreck diving to be done ! 2 tanks     $60

Playa del Carmen

Phantom Divers
1 av. norte (x calle 14)
Tel: (984) 879-3988
E-mail: phantomdivers@hotmail.com
Locals and second generation. Cool and rather et "mexicans" ! ;-)
$1 100 pesos for diving to a cenote
$65 USD 2 tanks (can get a discount)
Web site: www.abyssdiveshop.com
On the beach next to the Blue Parrot.
Nice, professional but ran by foreigners ! Also in Tulum.
Open Water course $350
Open Water Advanced $254
2 tanks Dive$56
plus equipment $15
Night Dive $33
Packaged trip: pick up one of their leaflet for their latest prices
Yucatech Divers
Web site: www.yucatech-divers.com
They seem nice and they have their own swimming pool for the Open Water course.
More or less same prices as Abyss.


Tobacco Caye

(ask around ... no need for an address ! ;-) ) 2 tanks Dive $85 Nice diving ! ! But insist to go to the "wall" at South Water Caye to get a dive a bit more interesting than just around the Caye.
Great snorkling around the Caye.

Caye Caulker

Many shops ... more or less always the same price. For the Blue Hole, they might operate through a shop from Amergis (like Aquadive) if they don't get enough people.
Blue Hole (3 tanks) $130 : generally same price at all the shops !
may be the biggest, not hugelly nice.
quite nice and do loads of different dive.
Big fish
The one I found the nicest, but that's a small shop !

Great snorkling to be done at "Shark Ray Alley". Many tours will take you there but the best deal is on the sailing boat of "Captain Big Steve". His boat is anchored at the quay in front of Oceanside diveshop.
Three stops during the first two stops, Steve and his sailor go and fish the lunch ! !
The second stop at "Shark Ray Alley" is great: you get rays swimming between your legs ! The sharks are a bit more shy and stay away: that's really cool !

Glovers Reef

I haven't done it but it's quite advirtised everywhere.
However, I have heard they are not so nice people.
Janette & Martin
Tel: 053.7038 - 016.1343
E-mail: divers@btl.net
5 dives / 2 days: $175


Web site of all dives in Brazil: www.guiademergulho.com.br


Una Dive
rua da Lapa, 213
Centro Histórico
Tel: (24) 3371.6188
Web site: www.unatourdive.hpg.com.br
E-mail: unatour@terra.com.br
2 tanks Dive $40
Not greatly fantastic ... and it was cold !

I have been recommended

Diving in the Red Sea at Thistlegorm