FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Marseilles ?

807 071 inhabitants
240 km2 with 100km2 green spaces
Biggest city of France in size, third in population (behind Paris and Lyon).

More info on the city web site (in french mainly).

And how big is France ?

France has a population of 61.4 milions with a density of 111 hab/km2 (550 000 km2, biggest country pays in Occidental Europe ), but that hides a big difference from heavily populated zones like the area of Marseilles or Paris, to scarcely populated zones (like Lozère).
The capital, Paris, contains 11,2 millions inhabitants. Source : France - Diplomatie

How much did the waterproof case (for the digital camera) cost ?

$ 150 US on e-bay : I was lucky, it ws sold by a shop and was brand new !

Why did you go travelling around the world ?

It's a long story that I will write another day.
But I am not going away from anything or anyone, nor am I seeking for some thing or some one in particular.
I just want to know more of the world.

Where are you have been before ? Is this your longest trip ?

Yes, this is my longest trip. Before, the longest trip was about a month.

I went to: