General Travelling Advices for wanabee Globe-trotters

You might read this somewhere else ... but these are my two cents.
(Not much for now ... I will add more when I get more time)

Planning the trip

I am not a big fan of planning a trip. I usually now where I land, had a rough idea of the itinerary, book my first night ... and I go from there with a book guide !

But for such a long trip it's worth spending some time in planning the flying destinations as you might want to do some interesting flights (which you didn't think of originally) ... and not do others that you though you would !
For instance, I didn't do the flights in South America I was planning as I went on land. On another had, I would like to stop on Easter Island and Tahiti, on the way to New Zealand !
I could have changed my tickets for a fee but that wasn't possible as the flights were full.

Web sites

The web site for Australian travelers might be worth a visit (they are not that different from other travellers ;-) )