All the Trip


Here is the table with all the main stops around the world and the dates as planned ... and they never happen to be wright ! ;-)
They are mainly the flying route ... but every time I first entered a country it's down there too, even if it is not by plane ... just so that you get an rough idea of where I have been ... and where I am going ! !

Town Country Estimated
arrival date
Contacts ?
LondresU.K.April, 4th 2003Quite a few friends ;-)
AarhusDenmarkApril, 7th 2003My bro and his family
LondresU.K.April, 11th 2003Still quite a few friends ;-)
MontréalCanadaApril, 18th 2003Patrick aka "le Caribou"
TorontoCanadaMai, 16th 2003Elaine
New YorkU.S.A.Mai, 21st 2003My aunt & others
PhiladelphieU.S.A.June 11th 2003nobody
Washington D.C.U.S.A.June 11th 2003My uncle
San FranciscoU.S.A.June, 20th 2003Laraine
Mexico CityMexicoJuly, 28th 2003nobody
Flores (land & river journey)GuatémalaSept, 20th 2003nobody
Punta Gorda (via Puerto Barrios, land & river journey)Belize1 Oct. 2003nobody
Sao PoloBrazilNovember, 19th 2003Alexa
IguazuArgentinaDecember, 10th 2003Pablo in Buenos Aires
Puerto Montt (land journey)ChiliDec, 16th 2003nobody
Colonia (river journey)UruguaySept, 20th 2003nobody
SantiagoChiliFebruary, 11th 2004Some travelers from Buenos Aires ;-)
AuklandNew ZealandFebruary, 23rd 2004Jo
MelbourneAustraliaApril, 3rd 2004A few Friends
NouméaNew CaledoniaJuly, 1st 2004The Wenker Family
BrisbaneAustraliaAugust, 1st 2004More few Friends
Kuala-LumpurMalaysiaOctober, 8th 2004Patrice aka Pische
Hong-KongChinaOctober, 12th 2004nobody
HanoiVietnamOctober, 27th 2004nobody
Phnom PemCambodiaNovember, 19th 2004Christelle
BangkokThailandNovember, 28th 2004nobody
Kuala-LumpurMalaysiaDecember, 13th 2004Patrice aka Pische
LondresU.K.December, 14th 2004Quite a few friends ;-)
MarseillesHOMEDecember, 17th 2004Family and Mates ! !


In case you missed it on the main page ... here is the map again.

My itinerary so far !

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